Valerie Owen currently holds a personal Ministerial appointment as
Chair of the Thames Region Environmental Advisory Protection Committee.This is a statutory committee of the Environment Agency, which adviseson government policy, and offers guidance on environmental strategy and development. Recent publications supported by Le Vaillant Owen include Towards a Sustainable London, (London ReMade, 2005), illustrating how London’s business community can manage its resources, estates and business affairs differently, to reduce London’s ‘footprint’ or ecological impact, and An Investor’s Guide to Brownfield sites, (London First/London Development Agency/Think London, 2005) a technical environmental guide encouraging developers and investors to locate on brownfield in Thames Gateway.
Specialisations include:
  • Preparation of Sustainability Indicators
  • Development of Sustainability Indices to measure the sustainability impact of places or projects, over time.
  • Policy advice on waste and energy.
  • Assistance with environmental projects such as ‘green’ procurement, improved recycling, waste management and energy efficiency.
  • Development of Environmental strategies for agencies and businesses, such as ‘green’ Transport Plans.
  • Environmental business planning /development advice.
Architecture & Town Planning

Valerie Owen has worked as a Chartered Architect and Chartered Town Planner for nearly 30 years. She is as a founding Trustee of RIBA Trust –the cultural out reach arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects and isa CABE Enabler, facilitating good design and procurement for major publicsector developments in health, education and master planning/housing. Inher early career, Valerie specialised in historic building work and complex town planning applications, and she has considerable experience of working on Listed Buildings and in Conservation Areas. Le Vaillant Owen contributed to The Walmer Design Guide (Walmer Parish Council and Dover District Council 2006).
Specialisations include:

  • Housing design and residential development.
  • Urban Design and Town Studies.
  • Heritage development and Conservation Areas.
  • Listed Building work.
  • Town Planning consultancy including development control advice.
  • Market Town regeneration.
  • Project management.