Sustainable Development

Valerie Owen has 30 years experience in
Sustainable Development work, and is multi-
disciplinary being a Chartered Architect,
Chartered Town Planner and Chartered
Development Surveyor. Valerie currently holds a personal Ministerial appointment to the Board of the National Forest Company; an environmental sustainability project to plant 200 square miles of forest across Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. She is a past Chair of the Sustainable Development Task Force for London First, developing improvement programmes in Sustainability,Housing, Health and Regeneration with senior business leaders in the capital.
Le Vaillant Owen helped establish the Royal Docks Partnership in the Thames Gateway, and provided advice on funding mechanisms, tariff structures, delivery vehicles, private sector engagement, and strategic planning and development issues in the Ashford Growth Area, on behalf of Ashford Borough Council and Ashford’s Future. We also provided master planning and design advice in the Aylesbury Vale Growth Area on behalf of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). Recent Le Vaillant Owen reports include Local Tax Reinvestment Pilot Project, (London First, 2003).‘Value capture’ ideas for catalysing regeneration in areas of economic decline, focussing on Barking and Dagenham in EastLondon. Valerie Owen also contributed to Design for a Greater London(RIBA and CABE, 2000) which promotes the good planning and design methods required to deliver an urban design strategy for the capital.

Specialisations include

  • Profiling the Social, Economic and Environmental dynamics of an area.
  • Acting as commissioning client for the public sector, whenappointing consultants and/or development partners.
  • Development of Strategic Delivery Frameworks – Providing a vision for an area; informing relevant policies and strategies; shaping priority projects, and making the case for resources. External funding advice.
  • Sector development.
  • Advice on the establishment of delivery systems and special purpose vehicles for delivering regeneration projects, including transport infrastructure.•Sustainability Policy Appraisal.
  • Public service provision planning.
  • Project appraisal, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Establishment of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and public-private partnerships.